Socially Responsible Investment

Inversión Socialmente  Responsable

Investment that benefits us all

When you come from an institution like CaixaBank, it's easy to understand why we place so much importance in good investment practices. We believe that our work is at its finest when it brings value to both the client and to society, with clarity and transparency. This is what we do – remaining true to our values.

The best example of this approach are the socially responsible investment solutions of CaixaBank Asset Management. With them, customers can obtain a financial return while also benefiting society by getting the companies in which they invest to embrace good governance and social criteria, championing new sources of sustainable energy, and so on.

As such, we offer Socially Responsible Investment Solutions that give value to the transformative power of society. It is in our DNA.

Here you can find what Socially Responsible Investment is, and what it means for CaixaBank Asset Management.