Strategic Lines

CaixaBank Asset Management is rolling out its “Responsible Profitability” Strategic Plan 2019-2021 with the aim of continuing to be the leading asset manager in Spain. It maps out a competitive positioning for the future and adapts to the spirit and strands set out in the CaixaBank Group’s Strategic Plan for the same period.

Our operations are anchored in our corporate values of quality, trust and social commitment with the vision to be a “Preeminent Manager in Quality and Sustainable Profitability”. This is because CaixaBank Asset Management’s mission is to manage the investments of our customers to achieve profitability, consistency and sustainability.


Provide the best customer experience
The ambition is to deliver consistent profitability with innovative products and a high service level that meets current and future customer needs. In addition, the Plan is designed to further enhance our brand through external accreditations which acknowledge our commitment to quality and excellence.

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Organisational and technological transformation
We seek to streamline resources and processes to make them more efficient and flexible to increase added value for our customers. The goal is to build an organisation and culture which enables adaptation to the environment and its transformation and brings out the talent of our people.


Adaptation to the global environment
The purpose is to bolster CaixaBank Asset Management in a global environment by delivering an outstanding international commercial response following its acquisition of BPI Gestao de Activos and CaixaBank Asset Management Luxembourg.


Socially Responsible Manager
CaixaBank Asset Management seeks to set the standard in Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) by taking on the same strategic commitment as CaixaBank to promote socially responsible investment solutions.